SHRIC: Revenant Squad

The Quietude Affair

A set-up within a set-up...

Four new RKN sailors are recruited by SHRIC: Bolg the Orc, Graben the Gnome, Naur’Xadir the Elf, and Veluphis Zahhak the Tiefling.

After a month spent training in the Laurentian Plains of Eastern Kulturia, the recruits are ordered to report to the capital city of Lucara, far to the west. They are provided with free passage aboard a light cargo airship called Quietude.

During their passage over the Grendian Mountains, Quietude is raided by a group of sky pirates. Awoken from their slumber by the assault, the recruits leap into action to repel the boarders and kill them to a man. Once the raiders are dealt with, they find the ship’s captain locked in his cabin. He confesses that he was smuggling goods for an unknown party, the money offered being too much for him to pass up. The captain turns over the package he was asked to deliver to Lucara: a crate of magical ranged weapons known as blasters…

At their debriefing, the recruits are criticized for not leaving any of the raiders alive for questioning, and for their lackluster teamwork during the flight. It is revealed that SHRIC Commander Gamma placed the recruits aboard Quietude on purpose, knowing full well that the captain was carrying goods for the Apex City Rebels and that his ship would be targeted in order to avoid paying for its transit.



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