CMDR Gamma

C.O. of SHRIC, Revenant Squad's boss, legendary Warforged hero of the No-Sun Crisis


Gamma is a Warforged, a sentient humanoid construct created by the reclusive artificer Bramwell Payne. One of only three Warforged created by Payne before his death during the No-Sun Crisis, Gamma distinguished herself in that conflict as a skilled warrior and an intuitive thinker.


Following the No-Sun Crisis, Gamma was granted her choice of rewards by King Kulturon VIII. Having been frequently mistaken for a soul-less golem, she desired formal rights for her and her siblings, Alpha and Beta. The Crown declared the three of them living, sentient beings (as opposed to machines subservient to the wills of others,) and granted them full citizenship.

Gamma stayed in the capital city of Lucara for several years, studying civic history and learning the subtleties of statecraft and court intrigue. When Lady Marlai Exton, daughter of the Duke of Kulturnost, was found dead outside the Royal Palace, Gamma found herself drawn toward solving the mystery of the young lady’s death. Where the Royal Inspectors found dead-ends, Gamma found tenuous connections between the facts and evidence that lead to the discovery of Lady Marlai’s murderer and ensured that they were brought to justice. For her assistance, Gamma was named a Thane of Kulturnost, and the King granted her an honorary title as a Royal Inspector.

Inspector Gamma soon found herself working closely with the Royal Navy during the Eldar Disembarking, the chaotic process of resettling some 65% of the Eldar Fleet within the borders of Kulturia. Long held prejudices among the younger races led to outbreaks of violence and targeted crimes against the elves. Gamma would not stand by while intolerance led to bloodshed, and she used her status as a Royal Inspector to assist the Navy (who was overseeing the Disembarking) in tracking down and apprehending hate-driven criminals. The officer overseeing the Disembarking, Admiral Whithand, became fast friends with Inspector Gamma.

After the Tunnel Wars beneath Apex City, the King and his military advisers became troubled by the likelihood that the Royal Army would be needed again soon to put down a slowly fomenting rebellion in the city. When Gamma learned that the Army was drafting contingency plans for an invasion of Apex, she took Admiral Whithand aside and explained an alternate idea she had devised: a group of small, highly trained operatives that would act as the Crown’s scalpel, surgically dealing with threats to the Kingdom quickly and quietly in a way that marching battalions and ships of the line cannot. Whithand took a fancy to the idea, and he presented it with Gamma in a private meeting with the King. When they emerged from the room, her idea had an official name: Special Homeland Reconnaissance and Intelligence Command, or “shrike.”

CMDR Gamma

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