Emony D'Anastasis

Merchant Queen of Apex, Patron of the Arts


Human Female, age 55.

Emony is the matriarch of the D’Anastasis Trading Company, the largest and most successful trading firm in Apex City. Her family has interests in common ore mining, arcanathyst prospecting and galewood harvesting. These holdings position the D’Anastasis Company as the premiere supplier of airship manufacturing materials to the shipwrights of the city.


Emony herself is a well-educated and calculating woman. She spent her childhood working in every sector of her family’s business, from mining and logging to book-keeping and sales. She is a well-known patron of the arts, donating large sums to dancers, painters and playwrights of the city that she feels show promise for e future development of Apex culture. Her longtime lover, the socialite and erstwhile sculptor Audrid Delacroix, was a recipient of Emony’s patronage before the two became involved.

Emony D'Anastasis

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