Marcellus Wanton

Shady Merchant Prince. Underworld Boss.


Human Male, age 40.


Marcellus comes from a storied line of both commercial failure and criminal activity. His grandfather, Vincent Wanton, was a criminal underboss. He was eventually executed along with his associates 20 years ago after a failed attempt to collapse the Tower of Peace. His father, Jules, tried hard to work at redeeming his family name by becoming an honest merchant. Discriminatory practices on the part of his suppliers and competitors made him unable to compete with his contemporaries. Jules buckled under the stress, murdering his wife and nearly killing his Marcellus before he was apprehended by the city guard. Jules later committed suicide in prison, and young Marcellus took over his father’s business.
Marcellus found success where his father had failed, but it was through coercion and other unsavory methods. His trading company employs more ruffians and thugs than dockworkers and quartermasters. He has risen quickly over the last five years to become a major player in the Apex business community, but not with a good reputation. His son, Geoffrey, acts as his lieutenant, helping to run the family business as well as researching new ways for them to turn a profit.

Marcellus Wanton

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