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Royal Kulturian Navy


Special Homeland Reconnaissance and Intelligence Command

SHRIC (pronounced “shrike”) provides alternative strategic options for Kulturia’s leaders to pursue immediate and decisive advantages in the interests of the Crown. SHRIC’s operations are strictly confidential, highly sensitive, and are disavowed by the Crown should their objectives be compromised. Their teams are Kulturia’s dagger in the dark, striking where brute force is too imprecise and diplomacy is impossible.

Welcome to the SHRIC: Revenant Squad campaign!

This Fantasy AGE game follows the adventures of the four newest members of SHRIC, Revenant Squad. These fresh recruits from across the continent of Osenia must learn to work together as they are sent on important missions for the Kingdom of Kulturia.

What manner of setting is this?

SHRIC: Revenant Squad stakes place in the world of Yewdar, a fantasy setting where magical prowess has enabled many of the same quality of life improvements that science brought about during Earth’s European Renaissance. When mages can conjure light and imbue objects with arcane properties, advancements that required electricity and materials science here in reality become possible during the age of steel swords and sailing ships! Flying carriages wind between impossibly tall towers held aloft by stone enchanted to be lighter than air. Immense airships bring trade (and war) to previously unreachable corners of the world. Entire universities study the principles of the arcane arts as ours would the principles of astrophysics!

The nation of Kulturia, an ancient kingdom that has long dominated trade and culture on the Osenian continent, is beset on all sides by challenges: the ruins of the fallen dragon empire to the southwest, a nation of tribal orcs to the south east, and its wealthiest province threatening rebellion. While using its military might to crush opponents would be effective, King Kulturon VIII was convinced by his advisors that a more subtle hand might keep the kingdom’s interests secure without the coin, men, supplies, and morale required of a string of wasteful wars. Thus was born SHRIC, under the supervision of the shrewd and analytical Commander Gamma, a sentient automaton and storied hero of Kulturia. Her measured hand guides the six SHRIC teams in the defense of the Crown, in utter secrecy.

A new threat to Kulturia looms, however. In order to be prepared, Commander Gamma orders a seventh team of skilled operators trained and prepared to guard Kulturia from her enemies seen and unseen: a team called Revenant Squad.

What is Fantasy AGE?

Fantasy AGE is an easy-to-learn original ruleset for tabletop role-playing games published by Green Ronin. It is a successor to the Dragon Age RPG, using the same basic mechanics but generalized to allow players to use the rules for any fantasy setting desired. It has the advantage of being simple at its core while still allowing for deep gameplay options and roleplay opportunities.

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